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Grill Master Apron



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Step up your BBQ game with this Grill Master Apron. This 100% cotton apron features 9 multi-purpose pockets, a built-in bottle opening and a 6 can beer/soda/pop holster. Grillers' absolutely love this apron! Scroll down to read product reviews.


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About this Product: 

  • HOLDS EVERYTHING: Stow a handful of grilling tools, sauce bottles, spice jars, tongs, lighters and spray bottles. You name it, it can hold it!
  • GRILL LIKE A PRO: There is no BBQ task you can't handle with this Grill Master Apron! It's build from thick cotton, made of durable tough stitching and crams 9 multi-purpose pockets (not to mention a holster for a 6-pack of beer/soda/pop).
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE : Because we know you'll be carrying large bottles, spatulas, tongs, etc this apron is made from a thick cotton canvas and heavy duty stitching.



Features & Specifications:

One size fits all

9 pockets (2 for spices, 3 for sauces, 4 for tools)

Built-in bottle opener

6-beer/soda/pop holster

100% cotton

Machine washable

Package Size: 7.87in x 7.87in x 3.94in

Package Weight: 0.50kg (1.10lb.)


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